Adventurers’ Local 410

Meet the Guild

Based in the coastal city of Westbank, Adventurers’ Local 410 is the Guild headquarters for the Westbank District. With just under 100 members reporting to this branch, it is considered a Tier 1 guildhall. The leaders of the district are Milo Fourleaf, Spurren and Rhaevar, though she is based in the Schulshvelt Deepwood on the other side of the Mountain range.

This guild is designed to create and improve those who would fight monsters, find treasures, escort people through dangerous terrain, and explore unknown lands.

As a result of their popularity, the guildhall provides a reliable and safe location for heroes. Their amenities include a resting area for members to relax, share tales of their exploits, pick up rumors of jobs, and meet with prospective employers. In addition they also have access to tools, training and bathhouse.

The guild keeps track of its members’ abilities, and often directs potential employers to the adventurer or party that best fits their needs. They provide legally binding contracts that protect the clients and guild members interests. The guild has rankings based on expertise, experience, skill and participation.

Jewel, Singer and Stennel spend the first few episodes trying to gain entrance to the guild.

Adventurer Ranks | Metal-based

  • Copper | Initiates, trainees, apprentice adventurers who handle small, local threats.
  • Bronze | Standard Starting Adventurers. Who use this level as a proving grounds and handle small threats.
  • Silver | A stepping stone to Higher Ranks. They train personal skills.
  • Electrum | The largest concentration of adventurers who are quick on their feet. A lot of escort missions and medium threats.
  • Gold | The cocky rising stars sit at this level, taking a lot of smaller, elite escort missions.
  • Steel | These adventurers handle the more dire and problematic threats, also some of the more wild exploration mission escorts.
  • Platinum | Specialized elitists, responsible for heavy threats, spend a lot of time in the field. Earn their rankings by both facing high-level threats and bettering the guild with training.
  • Mithril | Very rare, higher level problem solvers and battle hardened veterans.
  • Adamantine | Highest level of adventurers. Rare because most adventurers die or retire long before this level. In the history of the guild there have been less than 10 Adamantine.

Support Staff | Gem-based

  • Topaz | Scouts & Pages
  • Amber | Health care, healers
  • Ruby | Food Services, Cooks, Wait staff, Bartenders
  • Amethyst | Quartermasters in charge of weapons, armor, gear, consumables
  • Sapphire | Animal handlers
  • Emerald | Groundskeepers, janitors, maids
  • Opal | Administration in charge of budgets, taxes, incoming and outgoing money, deal with dues and fees
  • Obsidian | Adventurer Resources, manage and deploy rescue missions, adventurers report to this department
  • Diamond | Leaders, heads of the guild, in charge of executive decision

First Floor of Adventurers Local 410/a>Ground Floor of Adventurers Local 410

Orosa, Home of The Adventurers’ Local

The story takes place on the continent of Orosa, in a thriving world. The world undoubtedly idolizes heroes. In fact the months and days of the week are structured around significant heroes of the past. As society expands and the curious explore, many monstrosities are being discovered, and long-forgotten secrets uncovered. Many scholars and explorers don’t have the powers necessary to keep themselves safe and as a result hire the guild to protect or explore for them.

The Adventurers’ Local is a continent-wide program that was founded in order to help promote heroic adventurers and provide support during their endeavors. It rose to fame quickly as a result to providing a semi-neutral platform to ensure that both those helping and those in need of help are kept honest in terms of payment and performance.

Every major city has a guildhall composed of adventurers and heroes who can be contracted and hired. The adventures range in scope. For example, sometimes it’s escorting important people through dangerous lands. Sometimes it’s recovering artifacts for scholars. And still other times it’s protecting research missions into old tombs.

The world itself has access to a high level of magic. It is not-uncommon to find shops advertising with permanently enchanted items in the bigger cities.

Certain plants and creatures produce a chemical that produces bright lights when exposed to certain alchemical process. Alchemists found a way to trap the charges gas in glass and create permanent, brightly colored lamps. Artisans in the world have discovered a fortune of blowing glass in decorative fashions to create designer lamps.

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