Episode 01: Skeleton Pinata (Do You Have What It Takes?)

Adventurer’s Guild 410 has opened their renowned doors for the heroic to test their skills. The Guild’s multi-tiered Adventurer Aptitude Assessment(tm) thrusts the adventurers into a simulation of realistic dungeon encounters, moderated by the existing members of the guild.

Listen to Jewel von Onyx, Singer and Stennel Bjornson navigate the faux dungeon, hunt for the McGuffins and rescue the ever-enthusiastic hostages.

Teaser: Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

Listen to Total Party Guild, a Retrowave inspired, modular, Live-play, 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Podcast. Total Party Guild is centered around the Adventurer’s Guild, or Adventurers Local 410, and the exploits of their members on the continent of Orosa.

TPG merges the standard medieval setting you expect in D&D campaigns with high magic creating the aesthetics of the Retrowave genre.

Each story arch is run by alternating DMs, allowing for different groups of adventurers to tackle each escapade. Find out more at or find us on your favorite Podcast Platform February 2020