The Player Characters of the Guild

Gram Orrai Portrait D&D Character

Gram Orrai

Half-Elf Sorcadin

Played By Jeremy Blackheart

A farm hand growing up, Gram lived with his human mother and her parents in the country outside of Port Deering. His cousin Becky got into some trouble with the country riff raff. He took his trusty hatchet and made sure they left his town alone.

He had a knack for capturing bandits and the local guards ended up taking a liking to him. It wasn’t long before the rumors grew out of proportion and he was sought out by some of the Westbank Paladins for some training. On an underground black market raid Gram stumbled upon an old dark sword among the contraband, a bit hefty for its size. It called to him in an eerie way and whispered to the edge of his thoughts.

Jewel Von Onyx Portrait Dungeons And Dragons Character

Jewel von Onyx

Human Bard

Played By Vanessa Otero @Vanessow

Born and Raised in Westbank. Discovered her powers of persuasion at a young age and learned that she had the talent to hold attention with her performances. Her parents agreed to allow her exit from general education and enrolled her in the prestigious Glamour College of Bards. After graduation she toured the country off an on, producing music and signing at a record label.

Following the tragic loss of her older sister, Marion, she stayed with the monks of Anquor for a full year. She used this time to recover from both grief and an undisclosed illness. However, if the gossip papers have any weight, she suffered from an addition and partied like a rockstar.

Her agent desperately wants her back in the studio and on tour. Jewel feels an obligation to balance her spiritual books. This is why she chose to apply for the Guild.

She also has a sponsorship from fellow bard, fashion designer Arabella of Perth. Arabella is the source of her amazing new boots designed just for her needs.

Maryn Portrait Total Party Guild, a D&D podcast


Dark Elf Monk

Played By Tallon Roe

Left at a monastery as an infant, Maryn was raised by the Monks of Ioun. He grew into a nimble, grouchy dark elf adventurer.

Singer Portrait | Adventurer's Local 410


Tiefling Cleric

Played By Sean Roe

Singer grew up in a monastery to the goddess Xa’Leah. Devout worshipers, his parents sent Singer to live with a priest of the temple. Shortly after this, the priest was appointed as the head of a small monastery in the nearby mountains and took Singer to live there.

The all-woman monastery was called Sisters of the Voice of the Mountains Call. Singer was adored by the monks and grew to love his new home high in the mountains. Daily rituals and kata of the Thundersong proved Singer clumsy and ill equipped for the ritualistic dances. However he was quite capable at singing and chanting was a part of the rituals

In his mid twenties he was officially ordained as a Priest of the order. He took leadership of the monastery when the old priest died.He expected to live his entire life in the mountains, peacefully tending to the daily needs of the surrounding village and the worshipers that would occasionally call upon the priest for solace.

It was not until he was thirty that his god called on him with a higher calling. Manifesting the powers of his god and pushed by her to leave the monastery, he wished his sisters the very best, took up the spear of his order, and wandered out into the world.

He is joining the Adventurers guild because he believes it is the best way to test himself and he hopes that he will see a vision or a quest for his goddess that will give him a purpose for his life. Yet he still yearns for those days back at the monastery.

Stennel Bjornsen Portrait | Adventurer's Local 410

Stennel Bjornson

Halfling Barbarian

Played By Justin Lamb

Stennel grew up in the shadow of the mountains north of Ramadia, one of seventeen brothers, sisters, and cousins. Unable to use his wits to stand out, he found himself drawn towards more physical feats. With the help of his twin brother Wren, he saved his family’s farm from the incursion of a dire badger, and now wears its pelt as a cloak and as a mark of pride.

Wren convinced Stennel to leave home as they approached adulthood; to seek their fortunes aboard a pirate ship, where they fought many battles upon the sea, and made a modest living. The ship they were hired aboard, The Silver Stream, took contracts to hunt particular ships along the eastern coasts of Orosa.

After three years the contracts dried up, and a grave illness struck Stennel’s mother, leaving Wren in charge of the family farm. He promptly sold it, causing a massive fight between the siblings, and an embittered Stennel wandered the countryside, this time by himself. Eventually, he found himself drawn to Westbank, to a large set of doors with a sign that read Adventurers’ Local 410.