Druid Subclass: Circle of Bioluminescence

We’ve designed a druid subclass! Based on apex predators and the more brutal origins of the Mermaid/Siren, The Circle of Bioluminescence is pretty gnarly. Similar in strength to the Circle of Stars druid subclass.

Leda’s body began shifting, not quite animal, but no longer elven. Her skin takes on a black, oily sheen. Sharp, monstrous teeth appear as her mouth splits into a hellish grin. Popping can be heard as her fingers elongate and twist into sharp weapons.

The iris of her eyes began to glow the same blue of the luminess mushrooms from her home. She locks eyes with the marauder, her grin widening as she begins swaying. Her teeth, sharp and predatory click together as the marauder feels compelled to move towards her, completely entranced by her aura.

Druid Subclass:Circle of Bioluminescence

Druid Subclass: Circle of Bioluminescence | Total Party Guild

Circle of Bioluminescence

From the murky depths of Zu Marin to the deep glowing forests of Anquor, Druids of the Circle of Bioluminescence have deep connections to the darker side of nature. They encompass the predatory behaviour of the deep dwellers and ambush predators by hypnotizing and luring in prey before a deadly strike.

Circle of Bioluminescence Features
Druid Level Feature
2nd Luminous Eyes, Mesmeric Form, Bonus Cantrip
3rd Circle Spells
6th Predatory Instincts
10th Alluring Incandescence
14th Ambush Predator, Residual Savagery

Luminous Eyes

When you reach level 2 in this class your eyes begin to glow with a color and style of your choice. You have dark vision with a range of 120ft.

Bonus Cantrip

At 2nd level your budding mastery over curious lights manifests. You know the Dancing Lights cantrip. Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for it.

Mesmeric Form

At 2nd level you gain the ability to expend a use of your Wildshape to morph into an otherworldly ambush predator rather than transforming into a beast.

You maintain your game statistics but your body takes on a horrid oily black sheen, your teeth grow long and piercing, and you gain one or more of the following types of glowing motes:

-Flickering lights on or near your person

-Glowing nodules arranged on your body

-Long luminscent flashing veins

-Wisps of harmless glimmering smoke eject from you

-Some other type approved by your Dungeon Master

You gain the following abilities while in Mesmeric Form:

  • Searing Claws: You gain a claw attack that does 1d8 damage and utilizes your Wisdom modifier for attack rolls and damage. Searing Claws damage increases to 2d8 at Druid level 5, 3d8 at Druid level 11 and 4d8 at Druid level 17. The Searing Claws count as magic for the purpose for overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.
  • Tempting Incandescence: Your bioluminescence pulses and glows in a hypnotic manner. As an action you can force a creature that can see you and is within 60ft of you to make a wisdom saving throw vs your spell save DC or else spend their reaction to move towards you, mesmerized.

Targets of this ability will not move into deadly spaces, such as an obvious trap, visible toxic gas, lava, or a pit, but will move to the edge of such spaces. This movement can provoke attacks of opportunity. If the affected creature ends their movement in a space adjacent to you, you can use a bonus action to make a Searing Claw Attack. Creatures affected by this ability have disadvantage on attacks against you until your next turn.

Circle Spells

Your predatory instincts and hypnotic connection to the darker aspects of nature has given you the insight and ability to cast certain spells. At 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th level you gain access to circle spells connected to the curious glows of the abyss.

Once you gain access to a circle spell, you always have it prepared, and it doesn’t count against the number of spells that you can prepare each day. If you gain access to a spell that doesn’t appear on the druid list, the spell is nonetheless a druid spell for you.

Bioluminescent Spells
Druid Level Spell
3rd Moonbeam, See Invisibility
5th Gaseous Form, Hypnotic Pattern
7th Hallucinatory Terrain, Confusion
9th Wall of Light, Modify Memory

Predatory Instincts

Starting at 6th level, the time spent in the mindstate of ambush predator has heightened your survival skills. Gain proficiency in Stealth and Survival. If you already have proficiency in either of these skills, gain Expertise in the proficient skills instead.

Alluring Incandescence

At 10th level, you gain the ability to target multiple creatures with your Tempting Incandescence while in Mesmeric Form, and you may target creatures that can see you up to your Wisdom modifier (minimum 2) with each use. As a bonus action, you can make Searing Claw Attack against each affected creature that ends their movement in a space adjacent to you.

Ambush Predator

At 14th level, the bioluminescent effects alter your body and senses. You can no longer be surprised. You gain immunity to Blindness, Charm, and Magical Sleep. In addition you gain Blindsight 30ft.

Residual Savagery

By 14th level you have learned to control parts of your savagery while not in Wild Shape. You can now attack with your Searing Claws while not in Mesmeric Form. Extending and retracting your claws is a bonus action.

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