Generator: Build an Evil Wizard

Need an Evil Wizard or other Villain who plans on spreading mischief – maybe a Fantasy Disease? In that case, don’t forget to check out our other generators…

Perhaps a Quest Giver in a Local Town can help you have mercy by dropping hints of a “Legendary Cure-All.”  While you’re at it, maybe the local Tavern Owner can show your PCs the Posted Bounties. They can even enlist some Local Heroes or Guildmates to help on the remove that secretly Cursed Item.

Build an Evil Wizard 3d12 | Total Party Guild

We Present: Build an Evil Wizard

“The Sorcerer Isabella has gone missing. She is an old friend, who accompanied you on a few adventures. Her last missive spoke of some strange occurrences in a small town on the coast.

However, when you arrived in the town, the locals seem confused that you are asking them questions. Exasperated, they all point towards the tower on the edge of the forest, where mysterious lights and sounds occur at all hours of the day.
As you approach, you must walk through a small hedge maze. The hedge maze has artistically placed cages. Upon examination, these cages appear to contain ordinary animals. The household cat in cage three is a unique shade of red, the same color as your sorcerer friend’s hair. When you reach out to touch the cage, the cat rubs against the bars.

Your Warlock companion says “Cat says ‘Friend? Friend?’ What do you think that means?”

Without a doubt, something about this seems familiar.

“You again,” booms a voice from the porch. Briefly, as you look up, something in your head twists. You almost recognize the man. However every time your mind tries to produce the connection, something cuts the attempt.

“Have we met?”

“And so it seems you keep finding me. Consequently, I’ll just have to add you to the collection, curious monkey.”

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