Generator: Cursed Items

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Perhaps a Quest Giver in a Local Town can help you have mercy by dropping hints of a “Legendary Cure-All.”  While you’re at it, maybe the local Tavern Owner can show your PCs the Posted Bounties, maybe lead them to the nearest Villain or Evil Wizard who plans on spreading a Fantasy Disease. They can even enlist some Local Heroes or Guildmates to help on the remove this curse…

DM Tools | Cursed Items Generator by Total Party Guild a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

Inspired by our home game, we created a Cursed Items Generator for DnD. This will teach your players about their misguided hubris.

You’ve defeated the Wizard in the Tower. You’ve taken an hour to sit and recover your hit points. The party wizard casts Detect magic and several items light up in the room.

On a mannequin, the Suit of Armor glows with the light color of transmutation magic. After an identify ritual, you find that the armor has feather fall. However it also has a -5 to passive perception.

In a box on the bookshelf you uncover a simple, black metal ring. It’s glowing with enchantment magic. Another detect magic shows that this ring grants +1 to all saves, but casts bane on a user once a day.

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