Generator: RPG Towns

RPG Towns are perfect vessels for all of your beautiful NPCs. Perhaps a Quest Giver can help you have mercy by dropping hints of a “Legendary Cure-All.”   Don’t forget to check out our other generators.

Maybe the local Tavern Owner can show your PCs the Posted Bounties, maybe lead them to the nearest Villain or Evil Wizard who plans on spreading a Fantasy Disease. They can even enlist some Local Heroes or Guildmates to help with that pesky Cursed Item..

Build some last minute RPG Towns!Build some last minute RPG Towns!

Wanna throw together a last minute dnd session but you left on a traveling session and don’t have plans for the destination? Flush out your travel time by having the party stop in a weird old town.

Who’s on watch? Roll perception.. Good roll. The wind shifts and for a moment you smell sweetbread – the kind your grandmother made when you were small.  As you lift your nose to the breeze, the air shifting through the branches carries faint notes of a cornet. After a moment the sound fades and you look around the sleeping party. In spite of the noice,  you see no one has stirred. When you look around nothing catches your eye around the treeline. The breeze picks up and you hear the distinct notes of a calliope.

Roll a wisdom saving throw. Yikes. Consequently: You get up without alerting anyone in the group and follow the music. You see 4 small huts, permanent structures of a homestead, surrounded by 10 or more tents. Though you have been traveling along this area for a week, you have never seen a railroad or heard of a town here. However, one of the structures appears to be a small train station and an engine with multiple cars is parked at the station. The calliope music gets louder and you hear an elephant trumpet and laughing

There’s a large light source behind one of the huts. As you squint your eyes, you see the silhouette of a single figure dancing down the street towards you.

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