Tavern Owners Generator

Tavern Owners are the perfect way to introduce story hooks. They are great for showing your PCs the Posted Bounties. Don’t forget to check out our other generators.

Perhaps a Quest Giver in a Local Town can help you have mercy by dropping hints of a “Legendary Cure-All.”  Maybe lead them to the nearest Villain or Evil Wizard who plans on spreading a Fantasy Disease. They can even enlist some Local Heroes or Guildmates to help with that pesky Cursed Item.

Tavern Owners Generator For D&D | By Total Party GuildThis week we present: The Tavern Owners Generator.

From Justin:
You enter the tavern.

Three raccoons are rolling a mug around on top of the bar, while a deer perks up from where it’s curled up in the corner.

A dragonborn emerges from the back, dripping in chipmunks and finches.

In response to your confused looks, he explains, “They come in here because I can’t go out there. The sky’s too big.”

From Vanessa.

You enter the inn. It’s beautiful, homey & kitschy at the same time. There are shelves with knick knacks and plants on every wall. The main room is well lit. You seen a couple of dwarven girls at a table writing, a tiefling preteen is stoking the fire, two more kids, a human and a gnome, push past you in the door, laughing..  A warforge with a fancy synth skin is at the bar, wiping it down.

“Ello, darlings, can I get you a room,” she winks. The human girl runs up to her.

“Mom. there’s an adventuring party in town,” the girl exclaims. The warforge gives out a chuckle and nods to you.

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