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DND Guildmates are the bread and butter of our podcast! Your campaign might not have a guild, but maybe similar heroes can help with those Cursed Item. Don’t forget to check out our other generators.

Perhaps a Quest Giver in a Local Town can help you have mercy by dropping hints of a “Legendary Cure-All.”  While you’re at it, maybe the local Tavern Owner can show your PCs the Posted Bounties, maybe lead them to the nearest Villain or Evil Wizard who plans on spreading a Fantasy Disease.

Dm Tools: Guildmates Generator By Total Party Guild Just roll 3d12 and build your own guildmates!

Tired of those same old dnd tropes?

Here’s a gift to help you get your creative juices flowing:

“Thirsty” Warforge Cleric | Sterling was one of the last known Warforge from the soulforge in the Azurevoid Sands. After decades in the desert, he was stationed to Banthum. However, the bright lights of the city were hypnotic, an the Lumitech Warforge had an amazing sense of style. He quickly saved up for his first synthetic skin, and perfected his game with the ladies. It didn’t take much time in Banthum before he turned away from the church, instead serving the people of the city by joining the adventuring guild. Let’s just say the guildmasters there were a little less strict with the fraternization rules.

Edgelord Halfling Druid | Gnell Firbank runs the potions room in Bosque. She wears dark eyeliner, worships some of the darker nature gods and wears dark clothing. She likes to invoke elementals to help her create her healing salves.

Wildcard Aasimar Paladin | Elodine Marimer brushes her teeth with a bottle of grog, wears yesterday’s clothes, rarely brushes her hair, & somehow always looks amazing. Despite her charming assurances, you can never tell if she’s going to rush in to save the hostages or nod off waiting on an ambush.

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