Skill Challenges for Happy Valentine’s Day

Skill Challenges

Does your DM love to throw Skill Challenges at you? 5e is such a fun, user-friendly edition. Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to use your charisma against the ocean. (Source: please see me skillfully deceive the party into believing they had the power to cross the stormy sea.)

If you are like me, and love playing charisma-based characters, here are a few ways to use your charismatic skills for teamwork!

  • Choreography: Often underappreciated, but when you need to shepherd 4 teammates across a rickety bridge, a little acrobatics can go a long way.
  • Deception: While you can’t roll to deceive the ocean (depending on your DM, your mileage may vary) You can definitely roll to deceived other players. However, be careful how you yield this power, as PvP is strongly frowned upon in most tables.
  • Sweet Guitar Riffs: Did your band of bumbling dumb-dumbs wake up a manticore? Maybe they love ripping chords and rock ballads. Try your hand at soothing the spirit of a wild beast.
  • Indocrinate: a Jewel von Onyx speciality. So you, or most likely a teammate has done a misstep. Sometimes the nearest NPC can be swayed to your team with a few smooth words from the bard. Be warned: your actions have consequences, and sometimes your bad PR spin can ruin someone’s holy mission.
  • Rap Battle: A favorite of a home-game bard. When you get those golden-tongued, propaganda-spewing dark prophets, You can publicly challenge their belief system with a little bit of rhyming banter of your own.

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Happy Valentines Day Guildies!! Valentine’s day is the day of Charisma! Tell us your best Charisma stories.. Fails and successes!

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