Jell-O Shots: Revisited, Patriotic Edition

This week I am going to revisit my article on Jell-O shots. This time with updated recipes to fit your Patriotic Holiday of choice. In order to reduce the duplicate info between our posts, I am going to link to the original post with all of the techniques I have found to create uber-boozy, bouje-y Jell-o Shots.

Storage & Transportation of Jell-O Shots

Full Tray of Jell-O Shots | Mistletoe Kisses, Blue Christmas, Jingle Bells, Mean Mr. Grinch, Holly Jolly, & Twinkling LightsQuick Recap! For storing, transporting, or those obsessed with the perfect storage solutions, I have found a good fit. Compare the image to the right and the image below. On the Right is using the Handi Foil tray(from our holiday shots.) The one below is using a different tray(from last year’s firework bash.) The shots just don’t fit as well.

I always suggest these items for storing, transporting and displaying:

Storage Tray: Handi Foil Cook-N-Carry Medium Roaster w/Lid

For Jell-O Shots I buy hundreds of these guys.

Patriotic Jello Shots | Total Party GuildPatriotic Jell-O Shots Recipes

Due to our Isolation, quarantines & spikes in cases this summer, I didn’t get to attend the annual Fireworks Bash that Sean & Tallon throw, So I am posting last year’s Patriotic shots.. You know, back when I felt a sliver of patriotism:

BLUEberry STATE: Vodka + Blue Raspberry Jell-O

‘Murica Margaritas: Tequila + Lime Jell-O + Salt sprinkled on top

Liberty Lynchburgs: Maker’s Mark Whiskey + Lemon Jell-O

Freedom Fraise: a mix of Dragonberry & Malibu Rums + Strawberry Jell-O

ORANGE you glad I didn’t make a POTUS joke: Vodka + Orange Jell-O

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