5e Magic Item: Lumitech O.R. System

5e Magic items are fun to create. In the world of Orosa, we have a need to more 5e neon items, and hence the O.R. system. Though you sometimes can spot the exeptional O.R. systems in many of the major cities, or nearby winding coastal roads, they are most frequently spotted in the neon city of Banthum. Besides the ease of access to the manufacturer, the city is also home of Dreamway Race track. Dreamway’s location leads to a lot of the world’s famous racers living nearby.

You can see the glow of the city for miles. As you leave the portal station and begin the trek towards the city proper, you can see a streak of glowing green cut through the night in your direction.

“Should we hide,” Fauna asks. Wren watches the green for a moment and looks around.
“I think they know we’re here, and they are moving far too quickly to outrun,” he replies. The three of you look at each other, square your shoulders and prepare for a fight. The green lights grow closer and begin to take shape. Two wheels with an obvious rider. You can see the yellow and blue light details inside the wheels. The rider pulls the light vehicle to a stop and deactivates the summon.
“I was curious when y’all would get here,” a voice laughs. The figure removes their helmet, revealing the familiar face of Strom, the aasimar you helped in Westbank.

5e Magic Item: O.R. System

Lumitech Outrun System | Total Party Guild  DND 5e Magic Item Futuristic BikesLumitech O.R. System

(Wonderous Item, Rare, Requires Attunement)

The O.R. (Out Run) System is a Lumitech production that generally takes the shape of a 2 foot long Mithral rod engraved with faintly growing runes.  There are rumors of other forms of the O.R. system. As an action, the O.R. system can be held roughly parallel to the ground and given a hearty twist with the hand while speaking one of two command words; one of two neon land vehicles appears between the characters legs with a sharp electric hum, and the Mithral rod becomes the handlebars for the vehicle.

Exceed: The O.R. System takes the form a sleek neon accented motorcycle with a low profile and wide smooth grippy tires. The base speed of the Exceed form is 200ft. In difficult terrain the Exceed form’s speed is reduced to 0ft.

Elude: The O.R. System takes the form of a fully suspended neon accented dirtbike, with thick ridged tires meant for handling rocky and rough terrain. The base speed of the Elude form is 60ft, but does not suffer penalties in difficult terrain.

The land vehicles the O.R. System summons are considered Large and can carry 450 pounds. At least one hand must be used to operate and steer the vehicle. The O.R. System can be used a total of 4 hours, all at once or in shorter rides each one using a minimum of one minute. The O.R. System regains 2 hours of use for every 12 hours it isn’t in use. Dismissing a summoned vehicle is a bonus action.

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