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Host Jeremy Blackheart | Total Party Guild, A retrowave, weekly, 5e DND podcast

Jeremy Blackheart | Co-host of the DND Podcast

Forever DM, Worldbuilder

Jeremy Blackheart is co-founder of Total Party Guild, The D&D Podcast. A boardgame and alternative green living enthusiast. He lives on the Olympic Peninsula with two polar opposite Shiba Inu: Eva and Amalia.

His hobbies include PC and Nintendo games, PvP board games, board games, and an on-again off-again romance with MTG. He hikes, cooks, and dances too! Former Krosmaster judge who enjoys the standard variety of geekery offered on the various streaming services, anime, comedy, & the like. He also enjoys RetroWave music.

Jeremy has been running Dungeons And Dragons since he was a kid, often DMing for a crew of rapscallion goofballs who pushed the chaos to the max. In 2017 he started a short-lived Curse of Strahd game with Vanessa that faded into the mists. He joined Sean and Vanessa in their home game in early 2019, playing a fun, somewhat political 5e game with a group of friends.

In Total Party Guild, Jeremy plays the elusive Gram Orrai, a half-elf who sticks to himself, as well as one of the rotating DMs for the setting.

Host Vanessa Otero | Total Party Guild, A retrowave, weekly, 5e DND podcast

Vanessa Otero | Co-host of the Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Best Creative the Podcast Could Afford

Vanessa Otero is co-founder of Total Party Guild, currently obsessed with all things d&d. Collector of dice, board games & Copic markers. She owns a small house on the Olympic Peninsula where she lives & works. She has a boston terrier/pug named Charlotte, and 1-million feral cats that came with the property.

Her hobbies include drawing fantasy maps & 3d printing with her geriatric PrintrBot. She prefers casual video games, board games, Rockband Rivals. And of course she can always be found bingeing podcasts and Netflix/Hulu shows.

Of the cofounders of the d&d podcast, she has the least experience with roleplaying games. She started playing in 2 different games in 2017, one 4e game with co-founder Sean & one 5e Curse Of Strahd game with co-founder Jeremy. They combined gaming groups in early 2019, playing a homebrew 5e game.

In [ TPG ] Vanessa plays Jewel von Onyx, human bard with a dark rockstar past.

Host Sean Roe | Total Party Guild, A retrowave, weekly, 5e Dungeons & Dragons podcast

Sean Roe | Co-host of the DND Podcast

Manager of Chaotic Neutrality

Sean Roe is co-founder of Total Party Guild, and an avid board and video game fanatic. He lives in the Pacific North West with his soulmate and elven child, and two giant cats that look like dogs.

His hobbies include playing board games and video games and waxing philosophic on the magical properties of rain. He also studies 16th century long sword fighting in the Germanic style, and dresses in only the most fashionable collection of fantasy shirts.

Sean has been roleplaying games ever since he was little, helping his father map out dungeons for Pool of Radiance on the PC using small grid maps. He has a wealth of roleplaying experience, from settings like the World of Darkness, Legends of the Five Rings and Starwars, to most recently DM’ing 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons.

In Total Party Guild, Sean plays the enigmatic Singer, a Tiefling unaware of how the real world works, as well as one of the rotating DM’s for the setting.

Host Justin | Total Party Guild, A retrowave, weekly, 5e DND podcast

Justin Lamb |  Guest of the Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Frequent Guest | Friend of the Show

Frequent Party Member, Justin is a middle-aged nerd old enough to remember blowing into NES game cartridges to make them work. He was raised on Final Fantasy games, Don Bluth films, and Starcraft. After packing some creative writing and philosophy credits under his belt, he dropped out of college to spend ten long years as a dog trainer.

Now He’s married with two dogs, zero kids, and they are saving up for a tiny house. He and his wife joined the dungeons and dragon homebrew game in early 2019. And he was one of the biggest supporters of starting a d&d podcast.

In [ TPG ] Justin plays the halfling bullet, Stennel Bjornson, an ex-pirate barbarian with questionable intentions.