Review: Arcanic Artistry Dice box

Dicebox Arcane Coffer from Arcanic Artistry | Total Party Guild Our new friends over at Arcanic Artistry have made an amazing dice box! They took our beloved logo and put together a beautiful custom Arcane Coffer using one of our favorite things:
L A S E R S.

Arcane Coffer from Arcanic Artistry | Total Party Guild
This Arcane Coffer dice box just feels amazing, it’s weighty and feels like quality. Plus the dice have a pleasent sound clacking around inside. Nerdy maracas? Maybe we should ask Jewel Von Onyx how they sound. They even took our design and modified it to make it more aesthetically pleasing on the wood. Overall we were really impressed with the quality, speed, and professionalism of Arcane Artistry and we’re so happy they reached out to make this gorgeous little box for us.

Go get out their Kickstarter at:

Arcane Coffer from Arcanic Artistry | Total Party Guild
They were fully funded in 2 hours and now offer full block boxes, leather inlays for more protection, and custom class designed and extra goodies. They have some pretty baller initiative trackers and memorabilia designs too. I really love that they focus on using renewable materials.

We will definitely be adding these dice boxes to our gifts list in the future! You only have a week left to snag one of these on kickstarter, make sure you grab one before it’s too late. Guild orders!

**Also, Check them out on Instagram, They are doing a giveaway that ends May 1st.

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