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RPG villains can be hard to create, but they are a source for much needed conflict. Don’t forget to check out our other generators…

Perhaps a Quest Giver in a Local Town can help you have mercy by dropping hints of a “Legendary Cure-All.”  While you’re at it, maybe the local Tavern Owner can show your PCs the Posted Bounties, maybe lead them to the nearest Evil Wizard who plans on spreading a Fantasy Disease. They can even enlist some Local Heroes or Guildmates to help with that pesky Cursed Item..

Dm Tools: RPG Villains Generator By Total Party GuildRPG Villains motivation generator to balance our guildy generator from last week.

Fun tool for the DM on the go, if you have a hard time creating BBEGs or just want something new and random for your next DND session

Bartholomew Jenkins, the foolish hat salesman is desiring revenge against a competitor for stealing his top selling design. He studies, every night in the basement of his hat shop, slowly learning the dirtiest tricks of wizardry. Marley Beetroot will rue the day, when HatMan Bat’s arcane domination turns the stolen design into patron-eating mimics.

Jarakway the charming has a secret desire.  He’s the one they talk about in shadows, who seeks to see the world burn. Chaos is his goal, and his charming personality has brokered many delicate treaties. With a snap of his finger, after the last brick is placed, he will topple this kingdom like a baby foal.

Marienne Alstead, the town librarian has failed to find romance. Every season she feels further from her chance at true, longlasting love. One night, as she restocks the borrowed books, she hears a crash in the restricted area. As she approaches the section, she can’t help but notice a glow, silhouetting a strong form. Her eyes fall upon a swirling portal, and a beautiful aasimar woman smirking at her, “You called?”

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