Teaser: Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

Dungeons and Dragons Podcast Album Cover

The dungeons and dragons podcast that you’ve been looking for! Done bingeing all those other shows? Want to get in at the ground level of a fandom?! Have you been craving that sweet neon glow of the popular Retrowave and outrun communities, but also with dragons. . and dungeons?!

First point of order: listen to Total Party Guild, a Retrowave inspired, modular, live-play, 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Podcast. Centered around the Adventurers’ Guild, or Adventurer’s Local 410, Total Party Guild follows the exploits of their members on the continent of Orosa.

TPG merges the standard medieval setting you expect in D&D campaigns with “high magic” creating the aesthetics of the Retrowave genre.

Alternating DMS run each story arch, allowing for different groups of adventurers to tackle each escapade.

UPDATE: We’ve launched a brand new teaser. now 1000% more lively with clips from our show.

For the foreseeable future we are accepting NPC Name suggestions in return for dem good reviews. However, this is subject to change. We will filter out any user names or name suggestions that we deem inappropriate.

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