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Total Party Quarantine

Hello Guildies!

Jeremy Here! In light of recent viral news, we are taking a quick recording hiatus to stay safe and self-quarantine. We have a little backlog to keep bringing you our exploits. You’ll be able to hear the finale of the Wyverns & the Wake, and another little story which has yet to be named. So stay tuned. We are also active on social media and reddit if you want to reach us. We try to answer all the fan mail that comes through too!

The guild that Quarantines together, but apart | Total Party GuildStaying Safe

I am sure you have heard it all a thousand times by now. However the Adventurers’ Guild is issuing mandatory quarantine, social distancing and handwashing. Prestidigitation is not enough. Please stay inside until this all blows over. We can watch and laugh at people hoarding butt cleaning parchment through our Lumitech Slates together(future arc teaser?) We need you to stay well so you can get back out to the field on some quests. Also – We only have so many high level clerics, so please do what you can to keep yourselves healthy, daily infection rates exceed the combined, daily Greater Restoration pool.

In observation of quarantine, the Guild Masters have even postponed our long running home game and moved online. If you need your D&D fix there are plenty of avenues to play with friends online. In addition, many of them are offering free extended services to help ease the cabin fever. We currently are using Astral VTT and Discord voice chat. We’re still rolling in person with our paper character sheets. So far, it’s working great! Our combat has never been more organized.

The guild that Quarantines together, but apart | Total Party GuildStaying Sane

Besides trying to stay safe at our 9 to 5’s, we are taking to deep delving into our normal hobbies and have some recommendations to stay sane!

As for myself, I’ve been binge watching the seasonal anime and playing a few games in between.

My Hero Academia is setting up the next arc nicely and if you haven’t tried watching this amazing super hero anime you should really give it a shot. It’s not too far behind the manga either.

Somali and the Forest Spirit is reminiscent of Studio Ghibli. It’s a little slow slice of life but it has fantastic landscapes to pull inspiration from. You follow a Golem and a little human girl named Somali through a monstrous world where humans are hunted.

Mob Psycho 100 was just binged in a few days from start to finish. If you like One Punch Man, you’ll love Mob! They were created by the same person and there’s a bunch of One Punch Man references hidden in the background. It’s about a super psychic teenager that has trouble with his emotions, because if his emotions go out of control, so do his powers. It’s an amazing story about coming out of your shell and about how anyone can be anything they want.

Magic Arena has been eating my time. I’m a sucker for Magic and always have been. The secondary market competitive prices have kept me away from physical cards for a little bit, but how easy it is to hop online with some jank and turn digital cardboard sideways has kept me in the game. I’ve been playing a janky Bioessence Hydra + Simic Ascendancy deck.

The guild that Quarantines together, but apart | Total Party GuildThe Rest of the Guild’s Quarantine

Vanessa (Jewel): is a squid now. She spends her free time playing Splatoon 2. She is trying to keep it light to ease her anxiety, so streaming-wise she recommends Schitt’s Creek, Billy on the street, Hot Date or My Brother, My Brother & Me on VRV.  Or just stream podcasts:  Anything by the Mcelroys, Naddpod Hey Riddle Riddle are all pretty lighthearted.

Sean (Singer): is spending his time audio editing and is reading “The Shadow of What was Lost” by James Islington.

Justin (Stennel): is running through Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, as he is a huge From Software fan. He is also spending time with their two doggos.

Tallon (Maryn): is adventuring through the Elder Scrolls Online, writing his book and working his way through a giant tome about the history of the Roman army.

Kristin (friend of the show): is spending her time going back for her Masters degree online (we’re proud of you!) and recommends some fitting apocalyptic literature: Stephen King’s “The Stand” and Robin Cook’s “Outbreak.

Let us know what you’re up to on Twitter or Instagram! We love recommendations and are very open minded. Make sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter for updates and content, or catch us on the r/dnd subreddit.

Party On! (But from a safe distance!)

Photo credits: Comics: Matt Popovich | Envelopes: Liam Truong | Japan Cityscape: Ian Valerio | Amiibos: Ryan Quintal

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