5e Weapon Stats: Banshee Lance

Dm Jeremy Blackheart has revealed the 5e weapon stats for the Banshee Lance. This is the signature weapon of choice for the Oath of Progress Paladins that serve Lumitech. The weapon is rare. Produced only by Lumitech, for Lumitech’s special Paladins. As seen in the Banthum story arch, where we also learn the amazing nickname “Guildo.” Listen to our podcast and hear all about our Banshee Lance in action!

5e Weapon Stats | Banshee Lance | Total Party GuildBanshee Lance
Weapon (Lance), Rare, Requires Attunement

This item appears to be the bottom half of a lance. It has an inward cone from the cut off halfway point that spirals back in towards the hilt.
While grasping the handle you can use a bonus action to cause a point a pure force to spring into existence, or make the point disappear. While the point is active this magic lance has the finesse property.

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with this weapon, which deals force damage instead of piercing damage. In addition the Banshee Lance can be made to make a ranged attack with a range of 100/200ft and deals 1d10 base damage. The ranged attack makes a shrill scream upon firing that follows the projectile up to it’s maximum range and can be heard for 300ft.

While the point is active the Banshee Lance emits dim light in a 15ft radius.


You watch as three paladins from Lumitech ride by. They are dressed in their signature composite uniforms.  One pulls the cone from her hip, a blinding cone extends from the base. The paladin points her weapon at a hooded tiefling at the end of the block. When she yells “Halt, citizen,” the tiefling bolts. A shrill scream rips through the street as the paladin fires the bolt.

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