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Retrowave DND Podcast: Listen From the Beginning

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The New Teaser | Total Party Guild a Retrowave DND Podcast

We think you’ll like our new trailer! We crafted it with love explicitly for you, full swears and dick jokes! In no way does it resemble our original trailer, straight outta the 80s educational vids.

Remember – If you are checking out our podcast for the first time, the first 4 episodes, the Session Zero and Total Party Gossip 1 were recorded with 1 mic. In retrospect, it was a terrible idea. However, as Vanessa states in the beginning of episode 1: We didn’t want to risk the authenticity. We had some genuine fun and reactions. It would have been impossible to replicate that feeling, so we released it. We hold no qualms if you want to skip through to episode 5, where we learned that using 1 mic per person is good practice.

Neon Sign & Logo - Total Party Guild, a retrowave DND podcast

Total Party Guild is a 5e, actual play, Retrowave, DND Podcast.Following the members of the Adventurers Local 410, on the continent of Orosa, Total Party Guild explores the stories of a new batch of recruits and their pursuit to fit in, become worthy and find redemption. Not only does this podcast have standard medieval world you expect in Dungeons and Dragons, but we combine it with a high magic setting, creating the neon aesthetics of the Retrowave genre.

Hello Heroes!

[ TPG ] utilizes alternating DMs. One story arch belongs to Jeremy, the next to Sean, and so on, allowing everyone to contribute to the growth of the world. Above all, this allows for stylized game play based on who is DMing each arch.

Each story arch involves different teams of adventurers taking job postings from the guildhall. This allows players to explore the world through multiple characters. Read more about the characters.

Do you have what it takes?

The story starts in Westbank, on the continent of Orosa. A world that idolizes heroes. In fact the months and days of the week are structured around significant heroes of the past. As society expands and the curious explore, many monstrosities are being discovered, and long-forgotten secrets uncovered. As a result, many scholars and explorers don’t have the powers necessary to keep themselves safe and frequently hire the guild to protect or explore for them.

That’s where the Adventurer’s guild comes in. Read More…

Party On!

Created By Vanessa Otero, Jeremy Blackheart and Sean Roe, real life friends and adventuring buddies. They meet once a week to play a home game and the rest of their synched up spare time is spent playing board games, Rockband and Jackbox.

Meet the voices behind each episode and learn how we got into Dungeons And Dragons and why we wanted to start a retrowave dnd podcast!

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